Download TD Video

TD Video is a Macintosh based Football Video and Scouting product. It was provided by BW Software from 2001 until 2011 or so.

Although TD Video is no longer supported by BW Software, the latest version is available by clicking on the link below.

Click Here to Download "TD Video "

TD Video will download to your Downloads folder. You should move TD Video from the Downloads folder to your Applications folder. From the Applications folder, you may want to drag it to the Dock, so you can launch it from the Dock.

The latest version of TD Video is compatible with game data files exported from Game Data Live. Just email a Game Data Live file to yourself and put it in a TD Video project folder. To open the file from TD Video, hold down the Option key and use the Open command from the File menu.

Game Data Live is a new iPad based product from BW Software. Game Data Live has play data entry functions and scouting reports based on the former TD Video. You can use Game Data Live to capture game data, photos or videos live during a game for immediate review - no internet access needed.

The use of electronic devices during a game is now legal in most states.

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