PlayMaker Pro Presentations

Use PlayMaker's "Show" to do team presentations, instead of making overheads. Just draw your slides, hook up the projector, and show! Click on the "Show" button, and your entire computer display becomes a white backdrop for your drawings. Keep your players' attention while you teach using color and animation.

Click on the Show Button to give a Presentation

PlayMaker Pro Animation

Animate the players in your presentation. Just click on the "Run" button. Each player looks for a route that starts near them. They follow their routes at one line segment per second. You can slow-mo the animation, or move the players frame by frame. The keystrokes for slow-mo and frame by frame are the same ones used by TD Video.

Sample Animation

Click on the "Next" and "Prev" buttons to navigate from page to page. Use PlayMaker Pro for team presentations. This works especially well if you have the equipment to project your computer display so your whole team can see it.

If you can not view the movie shown above, you may need to download QuickTime.

Download QuickTime

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