PlayMaker Pro Overview

What can I create with PlayMaker Pro ?

  • Playbooks
  • Handouts
  • Drill cards
  • Slide Show Presentations
  • Animations

Most coaches purchase PlayMaker Pro to create their playbook. Along the way, they discover they can use it for a lot of things. Handouts are very similar to playbook pages. Drill cards are just plays drawn large, printed in the landscape page format. PlayMaker Pro has an enlarge play function, so you can copy a play from your playbook, paste it into a landscape drill card document and enlarge it. No need to redraw it from scratch.

PlayMaker Pro can also cover your computer display with a plain white window and display your drawings in the center of that window. You can draw plays in color and give presentations from your computer display. Use a computer projector for your computer display, and you can give team presentations. You can animate a play for your presentation. You can also display QuickTime movies in a presentation. So, you can create a presentation that incorporates word charts, play drawings, animated plays, and QuickTime videos of plays.

Why Use a Computer to Draw Plays ?

  • Print a better looking playbook.

    Most people's printers can draw better than they can. Their printers can draw straighter lines and print text that is much more readable. If you are creating drill cards, you can also add color to a drawing and print it in color. Some coaches use standard colors for each player, so the player's can find themselves in a drill card faster.

  • Save time by reusing your work.

    If you draw something by hand, and you need to change it, you throw it away and start over. If your drawing is in a computer document, you can change it and print it out.

    Instead of redrawing similar plays, duplicate a play and redraw the parts that are different. Next year, don't recreate your playbook, revise your existing PlayMaker playbook and print it out.

Technology Used

PlayMaker Pro utilizes the Microsoft Windows or Macintosh Operating Systems to create drawings for you. It uses standard drawing commands and printing interfaces provided by both operating systems. You don't need to install anything but PlayMaker to get it to work. The operating systems take care of everything for you.

PlayMaker was created using the "C" language which makes for a small and efficient application. Modern personal computers have plenty of power to run PlayMaker Pro. PlayMaker Pro for iOS (iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch) is an Objective C application.

Apple Computer's QuickTime multimedia technology is used to view video clips. Besides Apple's QuickTime movies, QuickTime can also display Microsoft Window's "avi" files and MP4 videos from Hudl. QuickTIme is also used to export JPEG and PNG files.

What Can You Draw ?

PlayMaker Pro enables you to create PlayMaker documents, where each document contains one or more pages, and you can draw one or more plays on each page. You can create as many documents, pages, and plays as you want. You start out with a blank page, (approximately 8 inches X 10 inches) and get to lay it out however you like.

PlayMaker Pro lets you create and manipulate 4 types of objects on a page, including:

1. Sets of Player Symbols
2. Lines
3. Boxes
4. Text

There are a wide variety of options you can use for each player symbol, line, box, or piece of text. Everything you draw with PlayMaker is just a combination of players, lines, boxes, and text.

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