What Can I Draw ?

PlayMaker Pro enables you to create PlayMaker documents, where each document contains one or more pages, and you can draw one or more plays on each page. You can create as many documents, pages, and plays as you want. You start out with a blank page, (approximately 8 inches X 10 inches) and get to lay it out however you like.

PlayMaker Pro lets you create and manipulate 4 types of objects on a page, including:

1. Sets of Player Symbols
2. Lines
3. Boxes
4. Text

There are a wide variety of options you can use for each player symbol, line, box, or piece of text. Everything you draw with PlayMaker is just a combination of players, lines, boxes, and text.

Player Symbols

You create a Play to add a set of players to a page. Depending on the sport (football, basketball, soccer, or hockey), this adds (22, 10, 22, or 12) player symbols to the page. The offense can be drawn below or above the defense. Any player can be represented by any of the following 20 player symbols:

You can change the letters in symbols that use letters, although you are limited to 2 letters per player.

You can make some players invisible to hide the offense or the defense. This is also useful for football teams with less than 11 players (8 man football).

You can adjust the size of player symbols. Use small symbols for your playbook, and large symbols when you draw play cards.

Highlight players with color for drill cards or team presentations.

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Line tools let you draw lines to depict pass patterns, running, motion and blocks. Lines can be plain, have arrowheads, or end with a blocking symbol.

Lines can include straight segments, 90 degree arcs, and zig zags for motion.

Each line can have more than one line segment. This makes it easy to show a player moving from one point to another and then to yet another.

You can also highlight lines with color or line thickness.

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PlayMaker's Text tool enables you to add titles, instructions for players, or notes on any part of the page.

Text can use several fonts, in many point sizes, using plain, bold, italic, and underline styles. You can mix text styles within an object of text, so you can underline a word in a paragraph.

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PlayMaker's box tool lets you add boxes to your drawing. Draw boxes to organize a page.

Boxes can have dividers to separate space into columns and rows.

Boxes can be Player Notes with an appropriate number of rows for football, basketball, hockey or soccer.

Depending on the sport, boxes can contain yard lines with hash marks (high school, NCAA, and NFL), full court or half court basketball courts (high school, NCAA & NBA), soccer fields, or hockey rinks (NCAA & NHL). Yard line numbers are optional for football fields. Canadian football fields are 110 yards long.

Boxes can also be filled with colors to show zones, or brighten up a presentation. You can also put light colored text in front of a dark box, like the "Western" end zone shown below.

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